New search begins for missing toddler Ben Needham after 21 years

A digger arrived at the site this morning Credit: ITV News/Emma Murphy

Twenty one years after he vanished, a new search for Ben Needham has begun on the Greek island of Kos.

Just after 9am, a team of British and Greek officers led by detectives from South Yorkshire began working on land near the Needham family home.

First onto the site were two cadaver dogs specially trained in seeking out body parts.

Next a digger was brought onto the field and the driver briefed on where he would be working.

The search is the result of fears that the 21-month-old may have had an accident in the area and been buried beneath building rubble on the day he disappeared.

Ben Needham's mother Kerry, who believes her son was abducted, is being updated on the search but says she doesn't wish to see it.