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Jimmy Savile's nephew speaks of family's 'turmoil'

Sir Jimmy Savile. Photo: PA Wire/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Jimmy Savile's nephew has spoken for the first time of the emotional turmoil his family is going through in the wake of hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse against his uncle.

"Where will it all end? Who knows? The repercussions of this scandal are enormous," Mr Foster said.

“We, as his closest family, have to endure further revelations on a daily basis. Our feelings are in turmoil as we await the next turn of events,” he continued.

Jimmy Savile's nephew Roger Foster Credit: Lucy Ray/ PA Wire

Mr Foster said of Savile's alleged victims, “We can understand their reluctance to say anything earlier and can appreciate the courage it has taken to speak out now".

“Our hearts go out to them and we offer them our sympathy and understanding in their anguish.”

Meanwhile the publicist Max Clifford has told ITV News that he has been contacted by stars from both Britain and the US who are "concerned and frightened" they may be implicated in the Savile sex abuse scandal.

He said the stars, some of whom are "still big names today", were worried because during the 1960s and 70s they were "being pursued in dressing rooms and concert halls and everywhere they went by young girls"

He added: "A lot of them have trouble remembering what happened two weeks ago, let alone 40 years ago or more."

Scotland Yard is leading the current investigation into allegations of abuse against Savile, which now involve around 300 potential victims.

Officers have searched a cottage belonging to Savile in Allt-na-Reigh in Glencoe, Scotland to look for "any evidence of any others being involved in any offending with him".