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British couple stranded in New York after 'amazing' Central Park wedding

Stacey and David's big day Photo:

When Stacey and David Richards were planning their wedding they never suspected they might end up honeymooning in a hurricane.

The pair flew friends and family out to New York for a romantic ceremony in Central Park and for October were lucky with the weather, until hurricane Sandy hit.

It was an amazing day. We brought all our all our family and friends out to celebrate the day with us and we never thought we'd end up stranded in New York.

Everyone is just panicking now about when they're going to get home.

– Stacey Richards

David describes watching the storm bear down on New York:

We actually got a good balcony view up in mid-Manhattan so we were quite high up.

We watched the storm rolling in, it was pretty terrifying at the time.

Stacey and David's big day

But Stacey has found the silver lining to this rather large cloud, another honeymoon:

It's been quite stressful the last few days trying to sort everybody out with flights, so a nice sunny holiday next I think!