A long to-do list for Obama in his second term

Barcak Obama faces a list of challenges in his next four years. Photo from 2011. Credit: White House

Sasha and Malia can return to Sidwell Friends School in the morning, not far from where I live, knowing that they have stability for the next four years.

Michelle can continue to expand her vegetable garden on the South Lawn, happy that she doesn't have to call in a removal firm until 2016.

And Barack can return to living in a pleasant house above an oddly-shaped office in a dysfunctional city.

Fortunately, he's got a reasonably empty in-tray and no pressure.

All he needs to achieve in the next 4 years is:

  • Strap booster rockets on America's listless economy.

  • Create endless numbers of new, well-paid jobs and put 23 million unemployed, and under-employed, Americans back to work.

  • Ensure that Iran doesn't develop a nuclear weapon and if necessary take military action to end the threat.

  • Change the entire political culture of Washington DC, eliminating the partisan politics and create more than 500 Saints on Capitol Hill who will put their nation above personal political ambition.

  • Eliminate $16 trillion in debt.

  • Keep extreme weather at bay, cool the planet and ensure the icecaps don't melt.

  • And, oh yes, ensure that the ITV News Bureau has great access and multiple scoops over the next few years.

So, Mr President, relax. No pressure.

Welcome to your second term. And good luck from all of us.