Statue of Indian princess who became a WWII British spy unveiled

Noor In-yat Khan was sent to Paris as a British spy

A statue of an Indian Princess is being unveiled today in honour of her bravery as British spy during the Second World War.

Noor In-yat Khan - who undercover was known as Nora Baker - was part of Winston Churchill's secret army, trained in espionage and sabotage.

She was killed by the Nazis after infiltrating enemy lines for the British war effort in 1942.

Shrabani Basu from the Noor Inayat Khan Memorial Trust described her as "a tigress in the field".

After a long campaign to honour her with a permanent memorial, a statue of the Princess Royal has been placed on the London square where she lived for a time.

ITV News' Charlotte Grant reports on the woman who made the ultimate sacrifice for King and country.