Software millionaire John McAfee wanted by Belize police for murder questioning

Technology millionaire John McAfee. Credit: Reuters

Technology millionaire John McAfee is wanted for questioning by police in Belize who are trying to solve the murder of his neighbour.

McAfee, 67, who made his fortune by building an anti-virus company that bears his name, has been called "a person of interest" in the investigation.

The computer security pioneer said he had gone into hiding in the country because he believes authorities are trying to frame him for the murder of neighbour Gregory Faull, according to Wired magazine.

The magazine quoted McAfee as saying:

Wired claim that the millionaire contacted them after Faull was found dead in his home on Sunday. The 52-year-old was apparently shot in his home on the island of Ambergris Caye.

Gregory Faull's home on the island of Ambergris Caye. Credit: Reuters

Police claim McAfee had a history of conflict with his neighbour whose post-mortem was expected to be conducted on Tuesday.

Belize police spokesman Raphael Martinez said:

McAfee claims in the interview that he buried himself in sand and covered his head with a cardboard box when police arrived at his home to question him.

He said he spent 18 hours hiding in his property before finally leaving.

The British-born American claimed in the interview that Faull's murderer "got the wrong house".

McAfee's premises were raided earlier this year after he was accused of holding firearms - though most were found to be licensed. The final outcome of the case is pending.

John McAfee's premises were raided earlier this year. Credit: Reuters

He was also suspected of running a lab to make the drug crystal meth.

The Belize police department has asked neighbouring Mexico and Guatemala to detain McAfee if he leaves the country overland.