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The day in pictures - 15 November 2012


The Queen is presented with a tablet computer by 12-year-old John Samson during her visit to the Royal Commonwealth Society in London.

John Samson, 12, shows the Queen around her new tablet computer. Credit: PA

Gaza Strip

Parts of Gaza have been left devastated after a series of Israeli airstrikes bombarded the area.

A Palestinian man checks the damage after Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. Credit: Reuters

Israeli army base

Armed Israeli soldiers at their base just outside the central Gaza Strip as the conflict continues to grow.

Israeli soldiers stand at their base just outside the central Gaza Strip. Credit: Reuters

Srinagar, India

A fisherman aims for the catch of the day on the Dal Lake in Srinagar.

A Kashmiri fisherman throws a net to catch fish from the Dal Lake. Credit: Reuters

London, England

Jake and Dinos Chapman's work 'Forehead' during a preview of the 'The Perfect Place to Grow: 175 Years of the Royal College of Art' exhibition

'Forehead' features at the Royal College of Art's new exhibition. Credit: PA Wire

Seoul, South Korea

Women make the traditional Korean side dish kimchi, or fermented cabbage, at a charity event at Seoul City Hall Plaza.

More than 2,000 volunteers made 270 tonnes of kimchi to give away to needy people during the winter season. Credit: Reuters

Paris, France

Monkey and chimpanzee chocolate creations by French chocolatier Patrick Roger are displayed in his shop.

The chocolate animals are on display at chocolatier Patrick Roger's shop in Paris. Credit: Reuters

London, England

Guest Danny Baker during a pre-recorded interview on Christian O'Connell's Breakfast Show at Absolute Radio.

Danny Baker's interview on Absolute Radio will be transmitted on Friday. Credit: PA Wire

Chichester, England

Sainsbury’s Poinsettia growers tend to the Christmas crop before the plants go on sale on Friday.

Sainsbury’s Poinsettia growers at the Hills Brothers and Roundstone Nurseries, in Chichester. Credit: PA Wire