James Bond star Daniel Craig surprised troops at Camp Bastion in Helmand province, Afghanistan today.

After giving a brief introduction of the film, Craig was given a tour of the camp.

He also had the opportunity to meet soldiers and see some of the training they do before they deploy to forward operating bases.

The actor also travelled in a Foxhound vehicle and received a demonstration of its capabilities.

We get quite a lot of visitors here, but having James Bond was special. He seemed to be pretty comfortable in the driving seat!

Daniel Craig travelled in a Foxhound vehicle similar to this one Credit: Andrew Linnett/PA Wire

Craig then moved to the Heavy Weapons Range and was given the opportunity to fire some of the machine guns that UK forces use.

He also met staff and patients at the Role 3 Hospital which has been described as one of the most busiest trauma units the world.

Private Scott Craggs from 3 Medical Regiment said:

It was really good morale for everyone, it’s a decent thing for him to take time to come out and visit everyone here.

After watching Skyfall, Royal Air Force Sergeant Dave Hammond said:

It was like a return to the old James Bonds. There was a bit of humour and some spectacular effects. It was great to be able to see the film here and to have James Bond himself to introduce it was brilliant

007's visit was very well received outside the camp as well.