First it was shock. Now it's anger.

David Cameron himself made it clear at Prime Minister's Questions that on a personal level he was both "disappointed" and "very sad" at last night's result which prevents women from becoming Bishops in the Church of England.

But there are some here in Westminster who want immediate action taken. There are calls for Bishops (all male, remember) to be thrown out of the House of Lords.

Others say it's time to repeal the decision to exempt religious institutions, including the Church of England, from equality legislation.

There's even talk of disestablishing the Church of England.

The Prime Minister was asked whether he agreed it was time for Parliament to intervene. Although he said the Church should "get with the programme", ultimately he believes it's up to the Church to sort itself out.

But what MPs are worried about is that that could take too long.

One Labour MP is hoping to ask an urgent question on the issue tomorrow in the Commons. Anything to keep up the political pressure.