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Fostering 'not about politics' says UKIP foster couple

The foster parents who had three children removed from their care for being members of the UK Independence Party have told ITV News fostering is not about politics.

They said they could not believe what happened, and had already bought Christmas presents for the children.

They say their personal political views should have absolutely nothing to do with their ability to provide a loving foster home.

They spoke anonymously to our Social Affairs Editor, Penny Marshall.

Rotherham Council has described it as a complex child protection case and has launched an internal investigation.

The council's actions left the couple devastated. They can foster again, but only white children.

We had no discussions whatsoever [with the council].

If there had been some discussion this would all have been prevented.

We would have been able to talk to them, they would have been able to question us on our views...

We want a letter stating we won't have a slur on our records and we also want the issue cleared about only being able to foster white children.

Children are children and politics shouldn't come into it.


The council says the three children involved are safe and in good care.