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How will alcohol price rises affect you?

Supermarkets will be affected by the 45p per unit rule imposed by the government. Photo: Press Association

The Government has unveiled controversial plans to tackle binge-drinking in Britain by introducing a higher-than-expected minimum alcohol price of 45p per unit.

The increase has been condemned by retailers as "unfair on most customers" but the move has been welcomed by health and alcohol addiction groups who say it is targeted at heavy drinkers and young people.

The Government is proposing to impose a minimum price per unit of 45p, which will affect different drinks in different ways. Health officials are calling for higher rises of 50p per unit, in line with Scotland.

According to research by the Wine and Spirits Trade Association a 45p increase would see 52% of alcohol prices rise overnight:

  • 71% of vodka prices would rise
  • 62% of whisky prices would rise
  • 28% of wine prices would rise
45 pence per unit cost would increase the cost of a bottle of wine to £4.39, a bottle of vodka to £11.81 and a bottle of gin to £11.81 Credit: The Wine and Spirit Trade Association

Here are some examples of how average prices could rise (source: Wine and Spirits Trade Association):


  • A bottle of wine would rise from £3.69 to £4.29


  • A bottle of vodka would rise from £9.00 to £11.81
  • A bottle of gin would rise from £9.85 to £11.81
  • A bottle of whisky would rise from £10.32 to £12.60


  • A two litre bottle of cider would rise in price from £3.20 to £4.50


  • A 12-pack of lager would rise in price from £8 to £9.50

Multi-buy deals in supermarkets and off-licences could also be banned, under proposals being put out for consultation.

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