Abandoned 600 AD, re-occupied by Syrian refugees in 2012 AD

Sergilla, the ancient Roman ruins, now home to desperate Syrian refugees Credit: ITV News / Sean Swan

A city of Roman ruins, Sergilla has become a sanctuary for hundreds of Syrian refugees whose homes have been destroyed in the fighting here.

Conditions in the ruins are grim. Sergilla is on a hilltop and the distant sound of war is all around.

From the remnants of an ancient fallen civilization the refugees can listen to the collapse of their own.

But at least the ruins are made of stone and afford people a sense of protection they crave as warplanes and helicopters pass overhead.

Last week one of the regime's MiG fighter jets bombed a refugee camp not far from the Turkish border.

The tents and their frames are a tattered tangled mess. Fortunately it was a newly-built camp and it was still empty.

Nonetheless is there nothing this regime won't stoop to?

The rebel soldiers in Syria say they are inching their way to victory. Credit: ITV News / Sean Swan