Well-dressed monkey goes bananas at an Ikea store in Canada

A monkey dressed in a sheepskin coat at an Ikea store. Credit: RTV

A monkey dressed in a sheepskin coat shocked shoppers at an Ikea store in Toronto, Canada.

The seven-month-old animal managed to escape from its crate in a vehicle and started roaming around the car park, much to the amusement of passers-by.

Bronwyn Page, who was among the shoppers that spotted the sharply-dressed monkey, said:

Ms Page said she first thought the monkey was fake but learned otherwise when the animal began running around the crowd and screaming.

Onlookers eventually managed to get the monkey inside the store and the authorities were called.

Toronto Animal Services said the owner signed the rhesus macaque monkey over to the organisation and faces a single charge of having a prohibited animal. The monkey is in good health and is in the agency's care.

News of the animal went viral on Twitter with #Ikeamonkey trending in Toronto and "Toronto Ikea" trending across Canada.