The loss of the children is incomprehensible

A church vigil was held in the small town in Connecticut. Credit: ITV News

There are reports claiming that Adam Lanza went to the school a day before the massacre. According to reports, he had a major confrontation with staff on Thursday, though it is unclear what the grievance was about. The next day he returned and committed the massacre. But there is a lot of conflicting information and a lot of confusion here. We do not even know if his mother did indeed work at the school.

Most obviously, we are unclear as to what the motive was, and this is still very much an active crime scene. It is a real jigsaw to work out the motive because of course, not only is Adam Lanza dead, but so is the person who knew him best. Namely his mother. We have two guns that we know about. It is now being reported that there were actually four hand guns carried into the school.

There are also reports that he tried to buy some extra weapons in a nearby town about 10 miles from here, a few days before the massacre. But his request was denied because he appeared to be reluctant to undergo background checks. But the big picture here is a town and a community that is absolutely heartbroken. Christmas decorations are coming down, parties are being cancelled and grief counselling is available. Not only for people who lost their loved ones at the school just 24 hours ago, but for all members of this community.