Footage shows Shanghai shark tank shattering onto onlookers

The aquarium shatters and the sharks are released Credit: Nominet News

An aquarium burst in a busy Shanghai shopping centre releasing three sharks into the path of onlooking members of the public, reports the Shanghai Daily.

One customer was hit by falling glass and broke bones in his leg, while others sustained cuts and bruises.

The three sharks who burst from the aquarium all died in the incident, which happened at around 8 pm on December 19.

Local police are investigating the cause of the accident.

Eight of those injured were believed to be customers while the remainder were made up of shop assistants and security staff.

"It just suddenly broke and fell off," an injured man, surnamed Li, told the Shanghai Daily. He was struck by a falling metal frame.

Chen Yongping, an official with the shopping center management, told the Shanghai Daily:

"Water-changing and maintenance work is done on the aquarium each week,"

"We will not build an aquarium again in the future."

The aquarium became a popular attraction after it opened before the Chinese National Day holiday two years ago, with sharks and other sea creatures on display.