Crash Cash: What the insurance changes mean to you

File photo of traffic on the M1 motorway. Photo: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

For young drivers insurance is already costly. But big firms have just completed a set of annual deals with their underwriters and it's likely to push premiums even higher.

Veon Browne is a young driver I met today, he says that insurance quotes are already often far higher than the value of the cars he could possibly afford.

Now courts have begun to award accident victims compensation in a different way.

Instead of one big lump sum - judges are awarding regular ongoing payments to cover ongoing care of people who have suffered life changing injuries. And it's this that is further escalating insurance costs.

  • Already the average cost for a typical driver up to age of 22 is £2,537. New compensation costs could add up to 15%, taking it to £2,917.
  • For a driver above that age, typical insurance is now £1,219 a year and the new awards could add 3% to £1,255.

Over the past decade, premiums have increased by 110%.

It is fraudulent whiplash claims that have so far been the main focus for cutting car insurance costs. But what's happening now centres on genuine claims with full backing of the courts.

A quarter of the new crash compensation cases involved young drivers - but this new cost for insurers is likely to soon become a new expense for all motorists.