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Mario Balotelli and Roberto Mancini pictured in training ground scrap

Manager Roberto Mancini, left, grabs the bib of Mario Balotelli, right. Photo: Eamonn & James Clarke

Mario Balotelli's Manchester City future has been thrown into doubt after pictures emerged of what appeared to be a furious training-ground bust-up with manager Roberto Mancini.

It is reported that Mancini stepped in after Balotelli went in too strongly in a tackle on team-mate Scott Sinclair for the City boss' liking.

Balotelli is reported to have taken exception to Mancini's intervention, leading to the pair having to be pulled apart.

Mario Balotelli grapples with Roberto Mancini. Credit: Eammon & James Clarke
Roberto Mancini points angrily at Mario Balotelli. Credit: Eamonn & James Clarke

In the sequence of pictures, Mancini is seen striding towards Balotelli, pointing in an aggressive manner.

Roberto Mancini walks towards a clearly unimpressed Mario Balotelli. Credit: Eamonn & James Clarke
The manager and striker are seen in an angry exchange. Credit: Eamonn & James Clarke

He is then seen to grab hold of Balotelli's orange bib in an apparent act of fury before the young striker is dragged away by a member of City's coaching staff.

A short time later, Balotelli is believed to have left the training ground at Carrington, on the outskirts of Manchester.

Roberto Mancini pushes Mario Balotelli, who grabs the arms of his boss. Credit: Eamonn & James Clarke
Mario Balotelli looks unimpressed with Roberto Mancini's outburst. Credit: Eamonn & James Clarke
The duo clash. Credit: Eamonn & James Clarke
Roberto Mancini remonstrates with his wayward forward. Credit: Eamonn & James Clarke
The two continued to grab one another before coaches and players intervene. Credit: Eamonn & James Clarke
The pair are restrained by colleagues. Credit: Eamonn & James Clarke

Whilst it is not the first furious argument Balotelli and Mancini have had - the pair have exchanged words both on the training ground and in matches - it does come in a period where the City manager's faith in the striker is beginning to wane.

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