Man promises to tweet bank details if QPR beat Chelsea

Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez, left, looks worried as his side slips to a shock defeat. Credit: PA

A football fan has put himself at the centre of a flurry of Twitter attention after publicly betting his bank details on the outcome of a Premier League match.

Tweeter @KillerKarrit, who also gives his name as 'Michael The Dug', was so confident that bottom of the table QPR would lose away at European Champions Chelsea that he declared:

But ninety minutes later, as referee Lee Mason blew the final whistle on a shock 1-0 win for QPR, the Scotland-based internet user was subject to nearly 2,500 retweets and a slew of replies demanding his account information.

Another Twitter user lined up a £818.04 return flight from London to New Zealand in the hope that @KillerKarrit would end up footing the bill.

But rather than regret his risky wager, Michael seems delighted with the attention his punt has garnered:

Wisely, he is yet to publish his bank account details.