Boy's letter to LEGO after losing Christmas present

Luka lost a figurine from the Ninjago Ultrasonic Raider. Credit: LEGO

A seven-year-old boy probably wished he had listened to his dad when he was told not to take his new Christmas toy to the supermarket.

Luka Apps spent his Christmas money on LEGO and bought the Ninjago Ultrasonic Raider set, which included a figurine of a character called Jay ZX.

When the seven-year-old had to go shopping with his dad, he was warned not to take the prized figurine but the boy ignored the advice.

The inevitable happened and Luka lost his toy after it fell out of his coat pocket.

But the youngster had an ingenious idea for replacing Jay ZX.

He wrote to LEGO:

Luka received a reply from LEGO, who replaced the toy and gave the seven-year-old extra gifts for his honest letter.

Richard from LEGO wrote back to the youngster after speaking to Sensei Wu - a Ninjago Master:

Luka replied:

His father was impressed by customer services: