Poll suggests January 7th will be 2013's 'most adulterous day'

Thousands of unhappily married people could look for a new partner today. Credit: Niall Carson/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Could today be the most adulterous day of the year?

According to one survey, after the Christmas break the first day back at work provides escape, suggesting it could be the most adulterous day of the year.

Research from IllicitEncounters.com - a UK married dating site, shows that more people seek extra-marital relationships following the festivities, peaking on the day the majority of the British public go back to work.

Thousands of unhappily married people look for a new partner today, following effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder:

  • Lack of energy

  • Withdrawal from friends, family and social activities

  • Decreased sexual interest towards their spouse

ITV Daybreak and OnePoll's survey on the subject shows that one in eight men consider affairs after Christmas and of those who admitted to an affair, only half regretted it.

Daybreak's OnePoll survey spoke to over 1,000 respondents and asked them eight questions in total.

The North West came out as the top region in UK where people are driven to contemplate an affair after Christmas, with 16% of people admitting they had.

Couples in Wales were the most committed in the UK following the festive period, only 3% said they would consider cheating on their partner.

The survey also revealed that over 30% of the nation have had affairs.

However, there was a strong split in the sexes when it came to getting away with two-timing - nearly 30% of men said if they could have an affair without getting found out they would - but just one in ten women said the same.

The survey also found those living in London were the most unfaithful - 45% of Londoners polled said they had had an affair.

People from the West Midlands were least likely to cheat on their partners with just over 20% admitting to infidelity.

Of all those who had had an affair just under half said they regretted it.