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Cyclist's Olympic-sized thighs cause quite a stir

Presenter Sian Welby measures the Olympian's thighs. Photo: Revolution Series/Luke Webber

Cyclist Robert Förstemann's Olympic-sized thighs first came to the public's attention during last summer's London Games when a Twitter picture went viral.

And now the German has stunned everyone again. In preparation for The Revolution Series cycling event in Manchester this week, ITV presenter Sian Welby measured the circumference of one of the German athlete's thighs - which measured 28 inches.

Highlights from The Revolution Series Round 3 will be shown on ITV4 on Wednesday at 8pm. Credit: Revolution Series/Luke Webber
Channel 5 weather presenter Sian Welby is left speechless. Credit: Revolution Series/Luke Webber

Welby tweeted this photo of the Olympian's thigh:

The German's 'Olympic-sized' thighs. Credit: Revolution Series/Luke Webber

The track and road cyclist first rose to prominence back in July when his fellow competitor Greg Henderson tweeted a photo of him during the London Olympics.

The image was retweeted and beamed around the world thousands of times.

New Zealand cyclist Greg Henderson tweeted this photo of Förstemann's thighs, which went viral, during the Olympics. Credit: Greg Henderson Twitter