Cyclist Mark Cavendish's frustration boils over at Lance Armstrong questions

Mark Cavendish's frustration boils over at being asked questions about Lance Armstrong Credit: ITV News

Cyclist Mark Cavendish had an angry outburst today after being repeatedly asked his opinion about Lance Armstrong's 'doping confession' at an event in Ghent, Belgium.

Initially he addressed two questions posed, saying: "There's been reports that he's confessed to doping but I haven't seen any interviews yet, so until then I can't really comment".

When asked if he was going to watch Armstrong's interview with Oprah Winfrey which will be broadcast later this week, he said: "I'm travelling to Argentina at the time".

Afterwards, Cavendish voiced his frustration to an official at the Omega Pharma Quick Step cycling team presentation, saying:

Why was I left alone there with that guy asking about Lance. One of you should have been around then.

Cavendish was not happy about the Armstrong questions Credit: ITV News

As he sat down for another round of interviews, he immediately snapped when a reporter appeared to begin asking him an Armstrong related question:

Cavendish was heard angrily saying: " off, seriously off if you're asking about this".

He then turned to someone and said:

Can you get him away please. Please get this guy away. He just wants to talk about Lance, off.

Mark Cavendish gestures towards the reporter who asked the offending question. Credit: ITV News