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Baby llama and infant elephant among diplomatic Jubilee gifts to Queen in 2012

A baby llama not unlike the one received by the Queen last year. Photo: PA

The Queen received armfuls of Diamond Jubilee gifts from well-wishers during 2012 - even a baby llama and infant elephant.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, businesses and royal fans all marked the milestone by presenting tokens of their affection last year.

Gifts ranged from expensive diamond jewellery and bottles of whisky and champagne to artwork and even quirky momentos like a Jubilee themed dog's bed based on a crown.

But the most unusual Jubilee gift was from the unknown well-wishers who gave the Queen honorary ownership of a baby llama and adoption of a baby Asian elephant.

The Queen was gifted the adoption of a baby elephant. Credit: PA

Details about the official presents given to the Queen and other members of the Royal Family last year were released by Buckingham Palace.

Among the non-Jubilee presents the Queen was given last year were:

  • Garden benches from the Royal Engineers Association
  • Necklace, earrings, ring and bangle from the Amir of Kuwait
  • Gold, silver and bronze medals from the Olympics and Paralmpic organising committees

The Duke of Edinburgh received gifts including:

  • Six bottles of wine from Lady Taverners
  • Biscuits shaped as Highland gentlemen

The Earl and Countess of Wessex also received some tasty treats when they travelled to the Caribbean on behalf of the monarch to mark her Diamond Jubilee.

The royal couple were presented with bottles of rum, a basket of local food and herbs and spices.