Walking on the Thames: 1963's big freeze in pictures

Skaters on a frozen St. James' Park lake in the shadow of Buckingham Palace. Credit: PA

The latest cold snap may leave Britons shivering in their snow boots, but it has nothing on the chill of 1963.

That year, the UK had one of its worst winters in living memory and the coldest January since 1814.

Milkman making the rounds in snowy conditions in Forest Hill, South London. Credit: PA
Arsensal's Highbury Stadium in London as their FA Cup match is postponed due to eight inches of snow covering the pitch. Credit: PA
A London resident works on two snow sculptures in his front garden. Credit: PA
People cycle and walk along a frozen River Thames in London. Credit: PA
A farmer in Thorverton near Exeter surveys a field that has been completely frozen over. Credit: PA
A woman feeds birds beside a frozen St. James' Park lake in London. Credit: PA
A pony in the New Forest inspects his conditions. Credit: PA
Pigeons in the ice of a frozen fountain at Nelson's Column in London. Credit: PA