Tough times: Monopoly as you've never seen it before

New look board Credit: Hasbro/Huffington Post

Tough economic times mean a lot has changed on the high street, and now there's a Monopoly board to match.

Revealed by the Huffington Post, the new version of the famous game reflects the demise of retailers HMV and Blockbuster, along with some of those who have vanished, including Woolworths and Zavvi.

Still going strong, Tesco gets a look in more than once on the board. And there's a reminder of the tax controversy which engulfed Starbucks.

Latest version of the famous Monopoly board Credit: Hasbro/Huffington Post

Even the familiar 'Chance Cards' have had a make-over including:

  • Sue jail for breaching your human rights. Collect £10,000 compensation

  • It's your birthday! You receive an HMV voucher. Collect £0 from each player

  • Advance to Pall Mall. If you pass Starbucks, pay £5 towards their taxes

And then of course there are the 'Community Chest' cards:

  • Get out of Jail free card - move to the Ecuadorian Embassy and stay there indefinitely

  • You have come third in a reality show. Skip three turns while you do panto in Swindon

  • Your fridge breaks down. You bought it from Comet. Pay £200 to buy a new one from Argos