MPs worry HS2 will 'abandon' Heathrow and major cities

HS2 of the Birmingham and Fazeley viaduct, part of the new proposed route for the HS2 high speed rail scheme. Credit: Press Assocation

A Tory MP has joined the Shadow Transport Secretary in criticising detail expected in plans for the HS2 high speed rail network in tomorrow's government announcement. Labour's Maria Eagle has raised concerns about reports in The Observer and The Telegraph on plans to "abandon" a spur to London's Heathrow airport and also "bypass" some of the UK's major cities.

Speaking to ITV News' deputy political editor Chris Ship, she said: "From what I have seen in the newspapers today there are a couple of issues. One is we seem to have abandoned the spur to Heathrow, and I think that is a big concern. I think the whole point about high speed rail links is connectivity. Not to go to our hub airport is a real concern.

"Secondly I have a concern about connectivity to our main cities. On the basis of what we have seen in the newspapers today, we appear to be bypassing some of our main cities, and also building stations on the outskirts, or even outside cities. That is not ideal."

Meanwhile, Conservative MP for north west Leicestershire Andrew Bridgen complained that North West Leicestershire would be "taking all of the pain for none of the gain" as HS2 carved his constituency in two.

He said: "My constituents in north west Leicestershire ill be taking all of the pain for none of the gain. We haven't got a railway station, and it will be driving a great scar through my constituency."