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BBC Presenter panics after spotting a mouse in the studio

A BBC Radio Presenter had a terrifying encounter during her live show this afternoon when a mouse began running round the studio and ended up just feet away from her on a table.

5 Live's Shelagh Fogarty panicked, suddenly leapt out her chair and kept her feet off the ground when she spotted the creature scurrying around.

Shelagh Fogarty told listeners:

Oh my God, how horrible. Oh gosh, I'm sorry, I'm live on the radio squealing and saying how horrible and kneeling on my chair because there is a mouse in the room.

I'm not sure I can continue interviewing in a serious manner when I know there's a mouse scurrying around my feet... But these feet aren't touching the ground, I've got big boots on as well.

There's no way this mouse could do me harm, it's quite ridiculous. Please somebody get rid of the mouse. If it walks on my hand, I'm resigning. It's on the bloody table!

In December a Weather Presenter shrieked in the middle of her broadcast when a mouse appeared in her studio.

Kate Kinsella, who was reading a bulletin for BBC Three Counties radio, was clearly shocked when she saw the rodent and told listeners: "Sorry, a mouse just run past me in my studio."