US soldier who lost all four limbs in roadside bomb attack receives rare double-arm transplant surgery

Brendan Marrocco, 26, said he had been given 'a second chance' after receiving the transplant.

A US soldier who lost all four limbs in a roadside bomb in Iraq said he has been given "a second chance" after receiving a rare double-arm transplant surgery.

Brendan Marrocco, 26, told a news conference at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore that he felt "kind of lost for a while" without arms.

Marrocco was the first person to survive losing all of his limbs in an explosion during the Iraq war and the procedure was only the seventh double-hand or double-arm transplant ever conducted in the United States.

Washington Correspondent Robert Moore reports:

The infantryman, who was injured in 2009, said he was "happy" and "amazed" to have new arms.

He also received bone marrow from the same dead donor to minimise the medicine needed to prevent rejection.