Sony fuels PlayStation 4 rumours

A video on Sony's YouTube channel has added to rumours it will release a PS4 soon. Credit: Sony

Sony has fuelled rumours of an announcement on the potential release of a PlayStation 4 console by inviting journalists to a news conference on February 20 entitled the “future of PlayStation”.

But the Japanese electronics manufacturer has not disclosed exactly what will be revealed.

The Wall Street Journal reports that unnamed sources have suggested the new console will be announced this month and released before Christmas.

A mysterious advert, containing the PlayStation logo has appeared on the firm's YouTube site:

It has been over six years since Sony launched the PS3 console which has sold over 70 million consoles worldwide.

The games market has changed significantly since its release with the rise of smartphones and tablets making gaming far cheaper and more accessible on the move.

Analysts believe that mobile and tablet devices will soon rival the power and graphics of traditional consoles.

Microsoft – Sony’s big rival in the console market – is also expected to unveil its successor to the Xbox 360 later this year.

Timeline of PlayStation releases:

  • 1994: PlayStation

  • 2000: PS2

  • 2004: PS3