A view from space: Astronaut tweets stunning pictures of Earth

A Pacific fog over the Andes mountains. Credit: @Cmdr_Hadfield/Twitter

From London's bright night lights to the clouds hovering over the vast land of Africa - this is Earth, but probably as you have never seen it before.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has tweeted pictures from space, where he on-board the International Space Station for six months.

Here is a selection of his best pictures:

New Orleans and the Superdome during the Superbowl between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Credit: @Cmdr_Hadfield/Twitter
A volcano in the Andes with its own lake. Credit: @Cmdr_Hadfield/Twitter
Where the Mississippi enters the Gulf of Mexico. Credit: @Cmdr_Hadfield/Twitter
A cloudy morning in Africa. Credit: @Cmdr_Hadfield/Twitter
Salamanca Park and Barranquilla Industrial District Port, Colombia, river pouring silt into the sea. Credit: @Cmdr_Hadfield/Twitter
A Pacific fog over the Andes mountains. Credit: @Cmdr_Hadfield/Twitter
A river in South America. Credit: @Cmdr_Hadfield/Twitter
Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. Credit: @Cmdr_Hadfield/Twitter