EU leaders meet for next round of budget talks

The European Council, in Brussels. Credit: Reuters

There's a frisson of excitement surrounding this afternoon's EU Council meeting in Brussels - well maybe a soupcon of a frisson.

The EU President Herman Van Rompuy has some new budget proposals but he's keeping them hidden until the meeting starts this afternoon. How exciting.

Ahead of the meeting the Prime Minister has been talking to his allies; Angela Merkel (who has also been watching football with Francois Hollande), Dutch PM Mark Rutte and Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Mr Cameron's official spokesman also counted the Danes amongst the UK's allies, but declined to say how many others there might be.

The spokesman did say it was the Northern European countries who tended to be like minded on the need for Budget cuts.

So its North v South for a round of 'tough discussions'.

Downing Street still feels that a 'deal is doable'. Although they haven't said when.