Winter storm Orko to bring more bad weather to US

US braces for more snow as winter storm Orko heads its way. Photo: APTN

After huge snowstorm 'Nemo' swept through north-east US and leaving Canada with up to a metre of snow in places - another storm named 'Orko' will bring windy weather and a batch of freezing rain, sleet to the same area throughout today. Southern states will be prone to severe thunderstorms and here tornado warnings have been issued.

Orko will bring less severe weather, but up to 8 inches of snow could fall - bringing further disruption and strong winds will blow around the lying snow making for hazardous travel conditions.

Winter storm Orko to bring more snow to the north east of the US. Credit: Intellicast

Hurricanes have been named for a number of years - but the naming of regular (less powerful) but notable storms is a relatively new idea pioneered by The Weather Channel.

A list of names for such winter storms were pre-determined, in alphabetical order (as with hurricanes) by the channel last November. The idea is to bring attention and raise the public's attention to such storms - but has been met with mixed response from weather experts across the Atlantic.

So far this year 14 storms have been named by the channel, most of these were intense short-lived systems.

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