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Obama gun plea won't appeal to armed teachers in Texas

Teachers at the school in Harrold have been armed with concealed weapons. Photo: ITV News

President Obama's appeal for a vote on gun reform following the Sandy Hook school massacre will most likely have fallen on deaf ears with teachers in the heart of Texas.

For the past six years, their school in the small Lone Star State town of Harrold has been bringing guns into the classroom, as ITV News' Washington Correspondent Robert Moore reports:

The school believes arming their educators with concealed weapons to ward off potential attackers will better protect their pupils and provide a lesson to the nation.

The school's administrator David Thewatt defended the extreme measure, saying he believes that while a deranged gunman still might get into the school, he won't succeed in killing the children.

I can pick up the phone and I can call the parents and I can say, 'We've had an armed intruder today, your child's coming home - the bad guy's not.'

– David Thewatt

A number of states, including Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon and South Dakota, were reportedly considering whether to follow Harrold's "model" in the wake of December's tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 20 pupils and six staff members were gunned down by intruder Adam Lanza.

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