Trust in food industry 'diminished by horsemeat scandal'

Samples of minced meat seen in a food control lab in Munich today. Credit: Reuters

The horsemeat scandal has rocked consumer confidence in the food industry, with more than a third of people saying they are buying less meat, according to an ITV News Index poll.

The poll comes as the Environment Secretary Owen Paterson met with food retailers and trade bodies to discuss what was being done to resume consumer confidence.

Retailers have announced plans for more tests on meat products and stricter controls on food processesing, but there are concerns these procedures will push up prices.

Consumer Editor Chris Choi reports:

The ITV News poll found more than a fifth of people had stopped buying meat from supermarkets, whilst 8% claimed to have given up meat altogether, already.

  • 35% of people said they are buying less meat as a result of the horsemeat scandal

  • 22% of people said they have stopped buying meat from supermarkets altogether

  • 12% said they are actively considering giving up meat as a result of the scandal

  • 8% said the scandal has made them give up meat altogether, already

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