Nearly 138,000 Beko products could be a safety risk in UK homes

A family in Devon blame a Beko fridge for their house fire. Credit: ITV News

I have been investigating safety surrounding one of the best known electrical companies that sells appliances here in the UK.

Figures I have obtained show around 138,000 appliances, with a potential risk, are in UK homes.

They were manufactured by Beko, some batches of the firm's cookers, fridge freezers and tumble dryers have faults so serious that they are the subjects of national safety alerts.

Yet our investigation shows that some of the crucial safety advice they have been giving has been questionable. They have now changed that advice.

The fire brigade said a London tower block blaze was caused by a Beko fridge freezer.

The company disputes that, but accepts some batches of its freezers have a component which can overheat.

At least 20 house fires, 15 injuries and one death since 2010 have involved Beko fridge freezers, the brigade said.

In Devon, we filmed a flat which had a Beko fridge freezer - the family blames it for a fire.

They are angry many affected freezers remain in other people's homes, despite a series of safety alerts.

We also sent our cameras to Teesside, where a family suspects another Beko appliance caused the fire at their home.

In an alert starting last autumn, Beko said some of its tumble dryers can overheat creating a potential fire risk.

  • 8,004 faulty Beko tumble Dryers are still in UK homes.

  • 119,200 Beko fridge freezers are affected by the safety alert.

  • 10,498 Beko manufactured cookers - including some sold under other brand names - are also covered by a safety alert.

We have found the company has been giving consumers the wrong information.

Beko’s safety information video says there is no need to unplug fridge freezers affected by the warning.

Up until this afternoon that video said “if you have one of the affected models you can still carry on using it.”

After our inquiries, Beko said it had removed that video, "simplified" advice and that affected freezers should be unplugged.

A family in Devon blame a Beko fridge for their house fire. Credit: ITV News

Beko would not do an interview but said it "deeply regrets" any incidents and will not rest until "everything in its power" is done to trace remaining products.

Most Beko models are "not affected", the firm said it acted in as "timely and comprehensive" way as possible.

But despite all Beko’s efforts - letters, phone calls and adverts - around 138,000 affected products remain in UK homes.