Company apologises for 'Keep Calm And Rape' T-shirts

One of the offensive T-shirts that was on sale on the Amazon UK website Credit: Amazon UK

A clothing company has apologised for selling T-shirts with offensive slogans including 'Keep Calm And Rape' - claiming it was an "error".

The T-shirts made by Solid Gold Bomb were advertised for sale on Amazon but have since been removed.

Last night, the t-shirt maker's Twitter account and @AmazonUK was bombarded with hundreds of protest messages:

In a statement on their website, Solid Gold Bomb insisted the slogans had been "automatically generated using a scripted computer process running against hundreds of thousands of dictionary words".

After hundreds of #NotBuyingIt tweets and less than 24 hours after they went on sale the T-shirts have since been removed.

"I can confirm that those items are not available for sale", a spokesman for Amazon UK told Sky News.