Justin Bieber's scuffle with paparazzi caps off a 'rough' week

A bodyguard restrains Justin Bieber as he exchanges expletives with a photographer Credit: ITN

Pop star Justin Bieber's behaviour was in the spotlight again today after he lashed out at a photographer who appeared to get in his way.

The whole incident, which happened outside his London hotel, was filmed by paparazzo and beamed across the Internet within hours.

By his own admission it has been a "rough week" for the teenage heartthrob who has contended with a bout of illness and sharp criticism for the late start of one of his shows.

ITV News Correspondent Lewis Vaughan Jones' report contains flash photography:

In a series of tweets to his fans, Bieber vowed not to "let the paps get the best of me" again:

The scuffle with photographers came the morning after Bieber had to leave the stage partway through a song after suffering from "shortness of breath".

After a short rest, he went on with the show at the O2 Arena in London - allegedly against the wishes of his doctor.

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Bieber later tweeted a photo of himself from his hospital bed and said he was "getting better listening to Janis Joplin".

Justin Bieber greets fans on stage at the O2 Arena in London after appearing up to two hours late Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

That followed a two-hour delay in starting his performance on Monday night.

When Bieber finally appeared on stage after 10pm, some of his younger fans in the audience had reportedly fallen asleep in their seats.

Many had to leave the venue before even seeing Bieber perform to take public transport home.

Bieber later tweeted that he had only been 40 minutes late on stage due to "technical issues".

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He will give his fourth and final performance in London tonight as part of his sell-out "Believe" world tour.