The North Korean leader is heading into increasingly dangerous waters

The latest video from North Korean state TV shows Kim Jung-un arriving by boat on an island close to the tense border with South Korea, he's given what appears to be a choreographed and rapturous welcome by troops stationed at an observation post.

This was state TV showing the Commander in Chief on the front line, just as North Korea is threatening to launch a nuclear attack, warning it would scrap a non aggression pact and cutting a hot line with armed forces in the South. This secretive state has self imposed further isolation.

Kim Jong-un arriving on the island to be greeted by soldiers Credit: APTN

The latest footage is likely to encourage those who think the young North Korean leader is unhinged, at times he appears unsteady on his feet.

Just over two years ago, when Kim Jung-un's father was in power, North Korea shelled a South Korean island, claiming it had been provoked.

Today like father, like son, Kim Jung-un was shown scanning the same coastal areas.

Looking out over troubled waters Credit: APTN

The latest furious threats from North Korea come just as the South and the United States embark on large scale military exercises, and the day after the UN voted through fresh sanctions. A volatile combination, even if North Korea's rhetoric is mostly bluster.

In the war of words South Korea today fired back, warning the North would "vanish from the earth" if it launched a nuclear attack.

China urged all sides to keep calm and return to negotiations.

Kim Jung-un is shown leaving the island, soldiers wading out to see him off, their families weeping and waving, as the North Korean leader heads off into increasingly dangerous waters.

Kim Jong-un leaving the island surrounded by soldiers Credit: APTN

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