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Radical preacher Abu Qatada to remain in custody

Abu Qatada will remain in custody, a judge ruled today. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Abu Qatada will remain in custody following his arrest for allegedly breaking his bail conditions, a judge ruled.

The radical preacher was arrested by UK Border Agency officials yesterday, days ahead of the Government's latest deportation bid in court, following raids by the Metropolitan Police Service Counter Terrorism unit.

ITV News' Harry Smith reports:

Chairman of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) Mr Justice Irwin refused to grant Qatada bail at a telephone hearing, a spokesman for the Judicial Office said.

The radical preacher was ordered to return to Belmarsh prison ahead of a further hearing which will take place on March 21.

The court heard evidence suggesting Qatada had broken his bail conditions, which include:

  • No mobile phones can be switched on in his house while he is present.
  • Communications equipment such as digital media devices, re-writable CDs and pen drives cannot be brought into his house.

Further consideration of bail will be brought before SIAC on Thursday March 21.

We are pleased the Special Immigration Appeals Commission has decided to revoke bail for this individual on an interim basis following serious breaches of his bail conditions.

We will vigorously argue our case at the next hearing on March 21.

– A Home Office spokesman