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Geri Halliwell tweets her top tips on first Tube trip for 17 years

Forgive me for being a brat:-after 17 years & yesterday's 2 hrs of traffic-lets save time & money-the tube! Photo: Twitter/ @GeriHalliwell

Geri Halliwell took her first tube trip in 17 years yesterday and shared her Underground adventure with her 190,000 followers on Twitter.

In a series of pictures and tweets the Spice Girls star offered her top tips for travel on the tube.

Loved it!!i'm a Londoner! I'm liberated!! Credit: Twitter/ @GeriHalliwell
Geri Halliwell tweeted her way through her first tube journey in 17 years, 'Not so bad!!' Credit: Twitter/ @GeriHalliwell
What a day. hope your was / is great. Credit: Twitter/ @GeriHalliwell