Do you own a potentially dangerous Bosch dishwasher?

Bosch issued a safety notice saying some dishwashers are a potential fire hazard. Credit: Dorset Fire and Rescue Service

ITV News has obtained figures that show 479,000 potentially dangerous dishwashers remain in homes despite a recall from Bosch.

The manufacturer has issued a safety notice saying that the affected machines are a potential fire hazard.

Do I own a dishwasher that is affected?

The Bosch dishwashers affected were manufactured between 1999 and early 2005 for models purchased and used in the UK.

The affected dishwashers are in the batch number range from FD 7901 to FD 8504.

Any dishwasher outside this batch number range is not affected.

If you have a dishwasher that has a batch number between that range and one of the model numbers below, please call 0800 0234881.

  • S4433B0GB/01, S4456N3GB/43, SGI3316GB/13, SGS43A12GB/42

  • SGS8812GB/44, S4433B1GB/01, S4456S3GB/35, SGI3316GB/14

  • SGS43A12GB/44, SRS4302GB/02, S4433B1GB/13, S4456S3GB/38

  • SGI43A22GB/01, SGS43A18GB/27, SRS4302GB/04, S4433B1GB/14

  • S4456S3GB/42, SGI43A22GB/13, SGS43A18GB/38, SRS4302GB/05

  • S4433N0GB/01, S4456S3GB/43, SGI43A22GB/14, SGS43A18GB/42

  • SRS4302GB/10, S4433N1GB/01, S4456W3GB/35, SGI43A22GB/15

  • SGS43A18GB/44, SRS4312GB/08, S4433N1GB/13, S4456W3GB/38

  • SGI43A22GB/17, SGS43A52GB/04, SRS43A02GB/08, S4433N1GB/14

  • S4456W3GB/42, SGI43A22GB/19, SGS43A52GB/35, SRS43A02GB/14

  • S4433W0GB/01, S4456W3GB/43, SGI43A22GB/99, SGS43A52GB/41

  • SRS43A02GB/16, S4433W1GB/01, SE24233GB/01, SGI43A25GB/01

  • SGS43C02GB/35, SRS43C02GB/14, S4433W1GB/13, SE24237GB/01

  • SGI43A25GB/13, SGS43C02GB/43, SRS43C02GB/20, S4433W1GB/14

  • SE24237GB/13, SGI43A25GB/14, SGS43E02GB/35, SRS43C12GB/14

  • S4443B6GB/01, SE24237GB/14, SGI43A25GB/15, SGS43E02GB/43

  • SRS43C12GB/21, S4443B6GB/13, SE25235GB/17, SGI43A25GB/17

  • SGS43E02GB/44, SRS43E02GB/13, S4443B6GB/14, SE25831GB/17

  • SGI43A25GB/19, SGS43E02GB/45, SRS43E02GB/18, S4443B6GB/15

  • SE54232GB/17, SGI43A25GB/99, SGS43E08GB/35, SRS45E02GB/18

  • S4443B6GB/17, SE54432GB/17, SGI43A26GB/01, SGS43E08GB/43

  • SRS45E02GB/21, S4443B6GB/19, SE55531GB/01, SGI43A26GB/13

  • SGS43E08GB/44, SRS45E08GB/18, S4443B6GB/99, SE55531GB/13

  • SGI43A26GB/14, SGS43E08GB/45, SRS45E08GB/21, S4443N6GB/01

  • SE55531GB/14, SGI43A26GB/15, SGS4442GB/01, SRS46A02GB/08

  • S4443N6GB/13, SE55A560GB/35, SGI43A26GB/17, SGS4442GB/13

  • SRS46A02GB/13, S4443N6GB/14, SE55A560GB/38, SGI43A26GB/19

  • SGS4442GB/14, SRS46A02GB/16, S4443N6GB/15, SE55A560GB/42

  • SGI43A26GB/99, SGS4452GB/01, SRS53C02GB/14, S4443N6GB/17

  • SE55A560GB/43, SGI5322GB/17, SGS4452GB/13, SRS55L02GB/15

  • S4443N6GB/19, SF24260GB/02, SGI5325GB/17, SGS4452GB/14

  • SRS55L02GB/21, S4443N6GB/99, SF24260GB/04, SGI5326GB/17

  • SGS4468GB/27, SRS5602GB/02, S4443W6GB/01, SF24260GB/05

  • SGI5342GB/01, SGS4468GB/35, SRS5602GB/04, S4443W6GB/13

  • SF24261GB/08, SGI5342GB/13, SGS45E02GB/45, SRS5602GB/05

  • S4443W6GB/14, SF24A261GB/08, SGI5342GB/14, SGS45E02GB/56

  • SRS5612GB/08, S4443W6GB/15, SF24A261GB/13, SGI5345GB/01

  • SGS45E08GB/45, SRS56A02GB/08, S4443W6GB/17, SF24A261GB/16

  • SGI5345GB/13, SGS45E08GB/56, SRS56A02GB/13, S4443W6GB/19

  • SF24A262GB/15, SGI5345GB/14, SGS45E62GB/35, SRS56A02GB/16

  • S4443W6GB/99, SF24A262GB/16, SGI5346GB/01, SGS45E68GB/56

  • SRS56A08GB/08, S4453N1GB/17, SF24A262GB/18, SGI5346GB/13

  • SGS5332GB/17, SRS56A08GB/13, S4453N2GB/01, SF24T250GB/18

  • SGI5346GB/14, SGS5342GB/17, SRS56A08GB/16, S4453N2GB/13

  • SF24T250GB/21, SGI56A02GB/35, SGS5348GB/17, SRS56L02GB/15

  • S4453N2GB/14, SF25T550GB/15, SGI56A02GB/38, SGS5358GB/17

  • SRS56L02GB/16, S4453S1GB/17, SF25T550GB/21, SGI56A02GB/42

  • SGS5362GB/01, SRS56L02GB/18, S4453S2GB/01, SGI3300GB/01

  • SGI56A05GB/35, SGS5362GB/13, SRS56L08GB/15, S4453S2GB/13

  • SGI3302GB/01, SGI56A05GB/38, SGS5362GB/14, SRS56L08GB/16

  • S4453S2GB/14, SGI3305GB/01, SGI56A05GB/42, SGS53A02GB/27

  • SRS56L08GB/18, S4453W1GB/17, SGI3312GB/01, SGI56A06GB/35

  • SGS53A02GB/38, SRS8422GB/08, S4453W2GB/01, SGI3312GB/13

  • SGI56A06GB/38, SGS53A02GB/42, SRS8422GB/14, S4453W2GB/13

  • SGI3312GB/14, SGI56A06GB/42, SGS53A02GB/44, SRS8422GB/16

  • S4453W2GB/14, SGI3315GB/01, SGS4332GB/17, SGS8812GB/27

  • S4456N3GB/35, SGI3315GB/13, SGS4332GB/29, SGS8812GB/35

  • S4456N3GB/38, SGI3315GB/14, SGS43A12GB/27, SGS8812GB/38

  • S4456N3GB/42, SGI3316GB/01, SGS43A12GB/38, SGS8812GB/42

Where is the model and batch number?

The model and batch numbers can be found inside the dishwasher door panel, on the upper left side or at the top.

The picture below shows what you need to be looking for.

The model and batch numbers are found inside the dishwasher door panel. Credit: Bosch

The model and batch number will be located on a rating plate, like the one shown below.

The model and batch numbers will be located on a rating plate. Credit: Bosch