Our Queen: A unique look at the Monarch throughout 2012

The Queen during a visit to Fortnum and Mason during her Jubilee year Credit: ITV

It was one of the most momentous years of her reign - filmed, photographed and written about in abundance but one film crew documented an even more in-depth picture of Queen Elizabeth in her Diamond Jubilee year.

The first feature-length royal documentary in more than 20 years, Our Queen featured unique access during 2012 to members of the royal family, to staff - some talking for the first time - to Prime Ministers and to her residences.

Speaking about his weekly meeting with the monarch, Prime Minister David Cameron said he found them "therapeutic" but added that the Queen asks "some pretty good questions" every Wednesday evening.

The Queen inspects the table before a state dinner Credit: ITV

Made by producer-director Michael Waldman and royal author and writer Robert Hardman, the documentary follows the Diamond Jubilee from the inside.

It explores the modern monarchy, delivering an insight into the way one of the world's most famous women leads the royal house, how she balances tradition with modernisation, and how her level of public affection is maintained amid the ever-changing political and social landscape of her reign.