Chinese fishmonger discovers unexploded bomb in a squid

Dried squid Credit: REUTERS/Kham

A fishmonger in southern China has found a live bomb inside one of his fish.

While gutting the squid at a fish market in Guangdong province, he found a device that measured eight inches long and thought to weigh around three pounds.

The fishmonger, who gave his name to the Guangzhou Daily newspaper as Mr Huang, immediately called police who arrived at the market and took the device away in order to carry out a controlled explosion.

“This sort of squid lives close to the shore and normally makes a meal of small fish and prawns,” Huang said.

“Perhaps he thought the bomb was his favourite food and gulped it down. He certainly had a big belly when he was caught.”

It is currently unclear how the bomb managed to find its way to the squid - police said it may have been dropped by a fighter plane and entered the squid's feeding ground.

The Guangzhou Daily newspaper helpfully reminded its readers to call the police if they ever found an unexploded bomb in any fish.