A single mum has been given a bravery award by British Transport Police after breaking up a fight between seven men on her railway carriage.

Forty-five-year-old Naomi Spencer from Devon was on her way home from work on a busy commuter train, when six men burst into her carriage, in pursuit of another man, who was covered in blood.

The injured man was physically and verbally abused by the other men, injuring a female bystander in the process.

When no one stepped in to stop the fight, Naomi separated the men, giving them a "mum stare" to keep the peace.

Speaking to Daybreak she said: "I told them to pack it in, I saw my moment, acted on instinct and told them to break it up, it wasn't the time or place."

She told them to sit at opposite ends of the carriage, until the train reversed into the station, where the men were taken care of by British Transport Police.

Passengers applauded Naomi after the incident in Exeter, and she has now been awarded with a certificate of commendation by the BTP.