Osborne accuses welfare reform critics of talking 'ill-informed rubbish'

Chancellor George Osborne has hit back at critics of the Government's welfare reforms. Credit: Stefan Wermuth/PA Wire

George Osborne has accused the Government's welfare reform critics of talking "ill-informed rubbish."

The Chancellor, who has faced growing pressure from churches, charities and opposition parties, said suggestions the changes marked the end of the welfare state were "shrill, headline-seeking nonsense".

ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener reports:

Mr Osborne warned his critics that they were "out of touch" with ordinary families whose taxes paid for the benefits system.

Speaking at a supermarket distribution centre in Kent, the Chancellor added that he was "proud" the Government were injecting "common sense" into the system.

Mr Osborne later tweeted:

The Chancellor also criticised those with "vested interests" who complained with "depressingly predictable outrage" about every change that was made to the system.

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls said the average family was now £891-a-year worse off as a result of the changes made by the coalition since 2010.

Anne Marie Carrie, of the children's charity, Barnardo's, appealed to ministers to re-think the cap on benefit increases.