Father calls for change to law after faulty cooker kills son

Brian Smith wants the law governing recalls to be changed Credit: ITV News

The father of a man who was killed by carbon monoxide from a Beko cooker is calling for changes in the law on recalls.

A batch of gas cookers has been linked to 10 deaths in the UK and Ireland, and although the cookers have been recalled, thousands remain in UK homes.

All that is needed for this cooker to become lethal is for the grill door to be closed during use.

Flatmates Kevin Branton and Richard Smith died when this happened to them.

Richard's father, Brian, now wants new safety rules on how products are recalled from market.

At his home in Cornwall, he described his reaction when he found out the cooker was to blame:

Beko is aware of the problem and has released the following information:

  • 30,320 of the Beko gas cookers were sold, some labelled as Leisure or Flavel

  • 6,990 of the affected models are still untraced

  • Affected models were made prior to January 2009

  • If the grill door is closed when in use, carbon monoxide can occur "which can be fatal"

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Brian Smith leaves flowers on the grave of his son Credit: ITV News

Nobody from Beko was available for interview but in statements they have said the cookers come with instructions saying they should not be used with the grill door closed.

They are also providing a free safety modification which involves removing part of the door seal.

The company says it mas managed to trace 77% of the cookers, and is about to send out a new round of alert letters to people they suspect may still own one.

You can check if you have one of the affected cookers via the safety notice on the Beko website. It is five minutes of your time that could be a lifesaver.