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Exclusive: Mick Philpott's sister 'he deserves to die'

The sister of Mick Philpott described how she effectively buried her brother today as she saw him sentenced to life for killing six of his children in a house fire in Derby. Speaking exclusively to ITV News, Dawn Bestwick said jail wasn't good enough, and that "as a coward" he "deserved to die".

Dawn Bestwick, Mick Philpott's sister Credit: ITV News

Dawn Bestwick described the hate she had for her brother and how she wished he would "rot in hell". She said:

It's not human, he should die for what he did. All three should rot in hell for what they did. The pain we have to live now, the grandmothers, the grandfather - they're the ones suffering too. The other siblings, Lord knows how they're going to get through this. But we're a strong family.

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