Recalled faulty dishwasher causes house fire

The fire was believed to have been caused by this dishwasher. Photo: ITV News

For weeks now ITV News has reported on the dangers of faulty goods remaining in homes despite recalls.

We have relayed concerns that the recall system is not tracing appliances that can cause death and injury.

Today comes yet another example of what can go wrong.

Dorset Fire & Rescue Service say that a fire in the early hours of this morning was caused by a faulty dishwasher.

Bosch posted a safety notice on its website. Credit: Bosch

The fire officer in charge, Stuart Granger, told us:

This family had a very lucky escape.

A fire caused by a faulty dishwasher developed in the kitchen of the property whilst the family were asleep upstairs.

It is amazing that the family escaped unharmed.

– Stuart Granger

The dishwasher at this property was one which is part of a national product recall, due to the manufacturers Bosch recognising a fault which could start a fire.

The dishwasher at fault was one which is part of a national recall. Credit: Dorset Fire and Rescue Service

Back in 2011, Bosch announced the recall of models that were manufactured between 1999 and 2005 and have batch numbers between FD7901 through to FD8504.

If anyone has a Bosch dishwasher they can easily check if their appliance is one which is affected by visiting

The model and batch numbers are found inside the dishwasher door panel. Credit: Bosch

Dorset Fire and Rescue Service have now attended a number of fires involving Bosch dishwashers - I'm told it could be six.

The Electrical Safety Council (a UK charity dedicated to reducing deaths and injuries caused by electrical accidents) told me:

(We) recommend that anyone who discovers they have an electrical item that has been recalled and is a potential danger to stop using it immediately.

The inconvenience of not being able to use the product is far outweighed by the potential danger it poses.

A comprehensive list of all electrical items that have been recalled and could cause fire or harm is available at

If you own a product that is listed here we strongly recommend you stop using it and contact the manufacturer for further advice on repair or replacement.

– Electrical Safety Council

It is another example of how the current recall system creates confusion instead of the clarity we have a right to expect.

A Bosch spokesperson told ITV News that affected dishwashers should not be used.

We have not stated that affected machines are OK to use unattended.

If customers have any questions there is an FAQ section on

The risk of potential fire is low and as customers use their machines very differently we would recommend them to use common sense, and in line with the appliance user guide/handbook.

If consumers believe that they have one of the affected models, they should call the helpline at 0800 0234881 or visit to schedule a free repair.

– Bosch spokesperson

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