'Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead' races up download charts after death of Margaret Thatcher

The main cast of the classic film 'The Wizard of Oz'. Credit: Reuters

The song 'Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead' has been climbing the download charts after a campaign in the wake of the death of former prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

The tune from the Wizard of Oz is currently at number 3 in the Amazon UK download charts and at number 11 in the Apple iTunes download chart after a campaign on social media to get it to number one.

In the space of less than 12 hours Judy Garland's version had already made it to number 54 according to the latest sales figures collated for the Official Charts Company.

There has been some speculation that it may be too short to qualify at just 51 seconds, but chart bosses say it is eligible.

Garland's version is not the only one to be selling. A performance by Ella Fitzgerald is at 146 and one by the Munchkins is at 183.

The Official Charts Company will release its midweek sales tomorrow to give an indication of whether it is continuing to sell and the top 40 itself will be announced on Sunday.

The song in number 11 in the Apple iTunes download charts in the UK. Credit: Apple iTunes

'Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead' has topped the Amazon UK download chart, a second version by Ella Fitzgerald is at number four.

The track has also climbed on the Apple iTunes download chart - currently it is at number seven.