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Falkland Islanders pay tribute to Thatcher 'the liberator'

Margaret Thatcher and her husband Dennis standing on Victory Green in Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands. Photo: Press Association

Falkland Islanders are planning a special memorial to Baroness Thatcher, and are considering plans to commemorate Baroness Thatcher with a long term memorial to her on the islands she went to war for.

The Falkland Islands plans to hold a public day of mourning to coincide with the funeral.

The islands' government said a memorial service will be held at the Christ Church Cathedral in capital Stanley, shortly after the funeral.

Lady Thatcher's coffin will be carried into St Paul's cathedral by bearers drawn from ships, squadrons and regiments particularly associated with the Falklands War.

Among them will be members from:

  • The Welsh Guards
  • The Royal Navy/Royal Marines
  • The Scots Guards
  • The Royal Artillery
  • Royal Engineers
  • Parachute Regiment
  • Royal Gurkha Rifles
  • RAF

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